Craft an Unforgettable Intro Video with TeacherTee!

Hey there! Ready to make an intro video that leaves a lasting impression? We’re here to guide you through it. Remember, in the vast online world, it’s the personal touches that make you stand out.

Here’s How to Design Your Video:

 1. Say Hello! (15–20 seconds)

  • Share your first name (let’s keep last names private).
  • Reveal where you’ve lived and where you’re hanging out now.
  • Tell them about the subjects you’re passionate about teaching.
  • Mention the languages you can chat in. If it’s just English, this is fine.

2. Dive into Your Expertise… and YOU! (30–50 seconds)

  • Open up about your teaching credentials and experiences.
  • Illustrate what a lesson with you feels like.
  • Talk about teaching techniques you love.
  • Shine a spotlight on unique specialties you offer.

Now, here’s the TeacherTee secret recipe to success: Dive deep into the personal stuff. Maybe you love salsa dancing on weekends, traveled to 20 countries, or bake a mean chocolate cake. These details aren’t just fun facts – they humanize you and make you memorable. Online teaching isn’t just about credentials; it’s about connecting human to human. Let potential students see the person behind the screen, not just a list of qualifications.

3. Sign Off with Style (15–25 seconds)

  • Encourage them to book a lesson and join your journey.
  • Drop in a thank you, and leave them excited for what’s next.

The Nitty-Gritty: Do It Right ✅ 

  • Stick to a total video time between 1-2 minutes.
  • Frame that camera horizontal and at eye level.
  • Bright but cozy lighting is key.
  • Opt for a calm, undistracting backdrop.
  • Flash that genuine smile – it’s your universal hello!

❌ Skip These:

  • Giving out full names or personal info.
  • Excessive frames or flashy filters.
  • Including others – this video’s about you.
  • Lengthy slides or demos.
  • Promotional stuff or logos.

YouTube Upload Step-by-Step(or just watch the video below…):

How to upload an ESL Self-Introduction Video to YouTube accessible in link format

  1. Sign in to your YouTube.
  2. Click on the camera icon (typically top right) and choose ‘Upload Video’.
  3. Bring in your video with a drag & drop or by selecting it.
  4. In ‘Visibility’, choose ‘Unlisted’. This keeps it private, just between us and whoever has the link.
  5. Hit ‘Save’, then share the video link with us.
  6. Pro tip: Add a compelling thumbnail to pique interest!

Watch these great examples:

Self Introduction Video for ESL – Stacey

Self Introduction Video for ESL – Paul

Self Introduction Video for ESL – Becca

Self Introduction Video for ESL – Matt

Self Introduction Video for ESL – Tricia

Remember: At the heart of every great teaching experience is a genuine human connection. Let your introduction video be the bridge to that connection!

Written by Johanna Brand 🙂