Our Story

Our Story

Hey everyone! I’m Luke, founder of TeacherTee and here’s the story of how we started…

Back in June 2016, I’d just finished university and, like most graduates, I moved back to my parents’ house, trailing behind me a lot of debt. I was directionless, and not sure whether I wanted to pursue my degree and go into events, try something new like recruitment, or neither. Ultimately, my urge to travel won the mental battle but I didn’t have the funds to do so, so I spent the next few months saving up by doing the usual circuit of working in call centres, hotels and bars.

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Eventually, with just enough money in the bank...

Eventually, with just enough money in the bank I booked my flight to Colombia and by May 2017, I had landed.

While away, I was aware my funds could only take me so far. At some point during the hazy bliss of living in Medellin, I met a fellow traveller from New York who told me about online teaching. It was a game-changer. I got my TEFL and was soon earning $20 an hour working just 15 hours a week. I was set up right, living my best life, and that was how it remained for the next year.

Fast forward to January 2020...

Fast forward to January 2020. I’d returned home and had spent the past year and a half moving between sales and recruitment jobs while living in flats in London and coming down off my travelling high. Ultimately, I decided the corporate lifestyle wasn’t for me and I moved back home again, landing myself a job at a Holiday Extras as a travel consultant in February while (again) I began to work out my next steps.

Then BAM. Covid-19 hit...

I was furloughed (thankfully) and began teaching again for some extra money from my parent’s spare room, earning $25 an hour working 20 hours per week. After the fifth friend in the space of a week cluelessly asked me how they get into teaching english online (to which I found myself offering solid advice – I’d become quite the expert by this point), I had my lightbulb moment and TeacherTee was born, June 2020.

TeacherTee is the one-stop shop for all things teaching English online. We provide services for each touchstone of your journey into teaching English online, from connecting you with accredited UK-based TEFL courses, to supplying you with the learning resources you need to get started, to supporting you with CV building and employability services, to finally a job board brimming with roles in the world’s most reputable schools, and when you are ready to make the leap, job placement/recruitment services. Once employed, we will continually support you through our lesson plan service if you need it also.

We’re here to help anyone get a job in this volatile climate. Whether that’s someone who has lost their job due to the pandemic, a newly grad looking for some direction (much like I was four years ago), or someone who has had time to reflect during the lockdown and simply wants a career change or way to support themself that’s both fulfilling and financially rewarding (online schools can pay anything from £15 to £25 ph, offering between 10 and 25 hours a week for part-time and full-time hours too).

The pandemic has turned the standard nine-to-five way of working on its head. For all, there’s been a seismic rethink about our attitudes to our work lives. Here at TeacherTee, we believe there is truly no better time to start teaching English online. It offers a way to support yourself financially while also having the time/freedom/flexibility to focus on fulfilling your greatest ambitions. You could say we know the industry down to a Tee.

Ultimately, TeacherTee is our mission to share online teaching with the world. Our passion for the industry wasn’t getting the right airtime by simply giving one-to-one advice to friends. If you’re on to a good thing, there’s no point keeping it to yourself, especially since online teaching is one of the fastest growing industries globally. There’s a shortage of teachers, so there’s room for everyone.

Much love x

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