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Technical requirements such as working equipment and a good Internet connection are an absolutely vital part of your online teaching career, so it’s best to invest in decent tech to give you the best possible start. You don’t want your WiFi cutting out during your interview or your laptop failing on you halfway through your first month teaching!

Prospective teachers often ask themselves: Can I teach from my smartphone or tablet? Can I use my uni laptop? What is the cheapest laptop I can get away with? Do companies have certain Internet speed requirements?

There’s lots of questions you should consider when investing in equipment so we’ve created a checklist for you to get things started.

A fast and reliable laptop

Unfortunately you cannot teach from your phone or tablet for the majority of teaching roles there are. The best companies in the industry provide a list of minimum tech requirements. Here is an example of BlingABC’s – one of the most sought-after and highly-regarded online schools. It’s best to have a laptop with all of these spec requirements to give you the best chance of landing the top jobs.

Here is TeacherTee’s top 4 picks:

Apple: New Apple MacBook Air – Amazon price: £1,185.99

The Tee: The best budget mac you will get which completes the spec check

Spec check: Operating system: Apple (✅) CPU: Intel Core i5 (✅) RAM: 512GB (✅)

Dell: Dell Inspiron 13 7000 – Amazon price: £478.99

The Tee: This efficient, budget laptop enjoys solid battery life for an all-day work schedule.

Spec check: Operating system: Windows (✅) CPU: Intel Core i5 (✅) RAM: 16GS + SSD 256GB (✅)

Lenovo: Lenovo Yoga C640 – Amazon price: £799.98 

The Tee: It’s fast enough for productivity, affordable, and gets fantastic battery life.

Spec check: Operating system: Windows (✅) CPU: Intel Core i7 (✅) RAM: 8GS + SSD 512GB (✅)

Acer: Acer Swift 3  Amazon price: £699.99 

The Tee: Those who need that extra power on a tight budget

Spec check: Operating system: Windows (✅) CPU: Intel Core i5 (✅) RAM: 8GS + SSD 512GB (✅)

Fast WiFi with an Ethernet cable

The top companies ask for a download speed of 20mbps, and an upload speed of 2mbps. However, the majority of companies require a slightly slower minimum of 10mbps with an upload speed of 1mbps. If you are in the UK, USA or other western countries then these requirements shouldn’t be a problem.

One way to really put you in a good position and give confidence to employers is to have an Ethernet cable. They really increase the reliability of your Internet and make teaching so much smoother. It’s definitely worth investing in one of these – plus they are so cheap! Find our top picks here.

A good headset

Headsets with a mouthpiece are super important when teaching. They block out background noise, and give a crisp clear sound when you are speaking to a student. It also looks far more professional than your standard headphones with inbuilt mic. 

Here is TeacherTee’s top 4 picks: