• Degree Required
  • TEFL Required
  • Online

Website VIP Learning

VIPLearn – Company Overview

VIPLearn is a global language instruction platform based in California. It’s designed to connect learners with instructors who can meet them at their point of need.

The platform solicits instructors from every corner of the globe who are skilled and passionate about developing others’ abilities in language mastery.

With a focus on 1-on-1 lessons, learners and instructors give each other their undivided attention.


Freedom and flexibility are granted to both learners and instructors so that they can establish the ideal schedule, curriculum, and methods that will maximise the efficiency and efficacy of the lessons.

People from all around the world can connect at a time and place most convenient for them, to learn a language catered to their learning style with a qualified instructor, all via their smart device.

Safety and security are critical factors in what makes VIPLearn a trusted platform.

Learners and instructors can have peace of mind knowing that the administrative tasks and logistics are taken care of, allowing them to focus all of their energy on the most important thing: learning.


Position – Online English Teacher

VIPLearn is looking for qualified, professional teachers who are passionate in what they do. 

A safe and reliable online platform where language instructors can set their own schedules, prices, and course content to best help language learners reach their goals.


  • Safe and reliable – VIPLearn aims at offering learners and language instructors a safe learning environment.
  • Build your own personal brand – Be the master of your own class! Your unique style and method allow you to connect with learners whose style is begging for someone like you! Develop your niche and cater to those who you can best serve, and who will benefit most from your techniques.
  • Teach anywhere – VIPLearn’s interactive and convenient platform allows you and your learners to attend lessons anytime, from anywhere that you have a strong internet connection.
  • Inspiring Training Webinar – VIPLearn also provides self-selected training to improve your language instructions skills.


Job Description

  • Payrate: Flexible – set your own payrate
  • Class size: 1-on-1
  • Class schedule: Flexible – set your own schedule
  • Class length: Regular lessons – 30-60 minutes / Trial lessons – 30 minutes


Job Requirements

  • Native and Non-native English
  • Degree: Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Certification: TEFL/TESOL/DELTA/CELTA/Valid teaching licence
  • Teaching experience: preferred

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To apply for this job please visit t.viplearn.com.