• No Degree
  • TEFL Required
  • Online
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Website duPhonics

duPhonics: Company Overview

duPhonics is a Thai company and established upon the concept of making English enjoyable and fun to learn. By that, during their one-on-one interaction, students and teachers both do not have to feel stressed.
Unlike any other curriculum, learning phonics is like embarking on an adventure – a fun and carefree exploration where a teacher is rather a travelling buddy. By embarking on such a carefree adventure, students are likely to easily digest the material and get a good head start in developing their English proficiency.

Position: Online English Teacher

Our duPhonics classes are the least stressful! There is no need for a pencil or any paper, all you need is the eagerness to learn. So get ready to explore the sounds of the English language!
Children usually entertain themselves with stories and tales. So, we try to focus on incorporating stories and visual-based features in order to keep them motivated and entertained throughout the sessions. By doing so, we gradually build up their interests for phonics, and ultimately for the English language.
Phonics is just like learning Thai. The technique is just to combine the sounds of the alphabets, so this course is not heavily based on memorization.
When trying to achieve the proficiency of a second language, it is often quite a process full of pressure and frustration. Which is why it is best to start off with phonics, it allows our students to correctly pronounce English vocabulary and act as a foundation for further language acquisition. In which, we have a wide range of exercises for our students to test themselves – from basic to challenging.
Phonics is the foundation necessary for further development in terms of language acquisition. That is why we emphasize on the quality of these classes by making sure that our students’ pronunciation of the English language is as correct and as authentic as possible.
You could be teaching Infants, as young as two years old – as long as they are audibly intelligible, are able to learn phonics.
Phonics courses for adults are also available, in which it focuses on developing perfect reading, speaking, and writing skills.

Job Description

We are seeking tutors to join our online learning program with qualifications for teaching English Online. The position is negotiated for teaching conversational based English as well as Phonics classes online We are immediately seeking candidates participate in English lessons as well as temporary positions at our learning company. We also provide opportunities teachers instructing live online classes as well for various subjects taught in English for IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, GED and IGCSE. No teaching experience is required but TEFL/TESOL or other equalivent ESL qualifications are given special consideration.

  • Contract length: 3 months
  • Part-time hours: 20 per week
  • Job Types: Part-time, Contract
  • Salary: £12.00-£15.00 per hour
  • Experience: None
  • Education: TEFL/TESOL or other equalivent ESL qualifications are given special consideration.
  • Work remotely: Yes

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