• Degree Required
  • TEFL Required
  • Online

Website COREnglish

Company Overview: COREnglish

COREnglish is an Online English Academy and an English Teaching Talent Acquisition Agency that focuses on providing high-end services to its customers and employees, combining educational tech and efficiency to deliver its 120%. 
It started in 2016 as a very small start-up inspiring to only offer online teaching services to students in Latin America. With its ambitions and aspirations it came the necessity to offer its teachers better opportunities and employment growth and it became an English Teaching Talent Acquisition Agency, firmly in 2018, working with big name Education companies in Asia, Where it continues to grow and still inspire to offer better services and better experiences to its students, teachers and clients.

Position: Online English Teacher

Job Requirements:

  • Native English / Neutral accent 
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Operating System: WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, Mac10.13 and above. Linux is not allowed.
  • CPU:
  • Intel: i3-2000 or higher.
  • Pentium or Core II CPUs are not sufficient to handle the video encoding needed for the classroom.
  • Memory: 4GB or higher. Close all other programs including browsers during class if you have 4GB or less RAM

Job Description:

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE -Depending on the teaching option you take, either if you want a fixed or flexible schedule, you will be able to find the perfect schedule for you, no matter if you are working somewhere else already.
  • 120% TRANSPARENCY – We believe in being transparent, it is a crucial company attribute for us. We will not have any hidden bank fees at the end of each month or hidden deductions. We will work hard so everything can be as clear as possible for you.
  • QUICK ASSISTANCE – Whatever issue you might have, we will assist you as fast as possible, in record time to be honest. We won’t take days to respond. You deserve better, you deserve to be helped and assisted in all your needs and our team is specialized to do so.
  • TEACHING MATERIAL PROVIDED – We know the importance of teaching and it is not preparing, it is delivering quality classes. Therefore, we provide all your teaching material so you don’t spend hours and hours preparing for your classes during the week.
  • TEACH FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD – Teaching should be fun and so should your ability to teach from wherever you have a stable connection in the world! Be the CEO of your own time!
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS – Building a relationship with students and admin is a priority for us, the better we know each other, the more comfortable we will be working with each other and the students will feel more probed to asking questions and making mistakes so we can correct them with diligence and a helping hand.

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To apply for this job please visit www.corenglish.com.