• No Degree
  • TEFL Required
  • Online
  • This position has been filled.

Website S-Lessons

S – Lesson – Company Overview

S-Lessons (Nissait English School which established in 1973 designed the ideal curriculum for students from 1 year old to high school students.”Leave it to the teacher” is just as it sounds, you leave everything to the teacher you choose from the profiles.
S-Lessons means internet lessons. S-Lessons is an open space for students who want to learn English and teachers who want to teach children English. Students and teachers have the ability to meet and arrange their lessons using Skype.
There are many Japanese children who want to learn English. However, they can’t find a proper school in their neighborhood or their schedule is too busy. S-Lessons is perfect for them. They can learn English at home with teachers all across the globe, anywhere the internet stretches using Skype.

Position: Online English Teacher

We offer two kinds of courses. One is called “Regular Course” which Nissait English School provides. The materials you need for the Regular course is all provided from the Dropbox. The other is called “Leave it to the teacher”. Each lesson unit is 25 minutes. You can use the last 3 minutes writing a report and evaluating your students.

“Leave it to the teacher” Course: it’s really up to you which textbooks or materials you use. You can even decide the lesson fees. If you want to use a specific textbook, you will need to ask the student to buy a copy.

Job Description 

  • Class Size: one-on-one
  • Student Ages: Preschool (age 3-5) /Elementary & Junior (age 5-15) /High School & College / Prep (age 15-18) /Adult (age 18+)
  • Class Schedule: Morning (9am-12pm) / Afternoon (12pm-3pm) / Late Afternoon (3pm-6pm) / Evening (6pm-9pm)

About the payment

  • You can decide your own lesson fee. 1Point = 1yen. Once a lesson is scheduled that fee is set. If you later decide to raise or lower your fee, that fee will be effective for lessons scheduled at the new amount. Your “Point number”(cost) shows under your photo. Each point is equivalent to ¥1 yen. You’ll get 70 % of the fee as your payment.
  • On average teachers charge $10-$27 ph

The process.

  • The teacher needs to register their schedule of availability.
  • The teacher waits till a student registers for a class.
  • When a student makes a reservation, an email will be sent to you. You can also confirm the reservation on our control panel when you log in.
  • Please send your Skype request before the lesson. You can start the lesson at the previously scheduled time.
  • Please carry out the 22-minute-lesson. Then, spend 3 minutes writing a report. The evaluation should entail one good thing and one thing the student needs to work on before the next lesson.

Job Requirements

  • Accent(s): Native North American / Native UK Native Australian/New Zealand/Native Ireland/Native South Africa/ Non-Native Neutral
  • Degree Required: No
  • TEFL Certification: Yes
  • Years Experience: 0
  • Min Hours Week: 10
  • Internet Speed(Mbps): Min Uploading: 10 MB/s Min Downloading: 20 MB/s

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